HR consulting

A service package that includes consulting the company’s management or HR team, how to improve their human resource management practices and achieve a higher level of efficiency. HR consulting involves an analysis of company priorities and strategies from the domain of human resource management, analysis of the current state (existing practices and work procedures) and their deeper interconnection, through recommended concrete activities defined over a specific period of time.

Most common activities:
• Defining strategic HR objectives and strategies in line with the vision of the company.
• Examination of corporate climate and culture with recommendations for their improvement.
• Analysis and job descriptions, creation of systematization of jobs.
• Defining HR procedures, policies, policies.
• Setting up a fair and transparent system of earnings.
• Improving team spirit.
• Creating a motivational system.
• A set of performance management system for employees.
• Creating and implementing individual development plans.
• HR consulting and company management in solving specific problems (conflicts, falling elderly, stress, resistance from changes, etc.).

Psychological profile estimates

A complex analysis of personal competencies, skills, knowledge, skills of individuals (managers and employees) that affect the performance and achievement of personal goals, together with the goals of the company.

When assessing, each individual is perceived in relation to the requirements of the position on which he is located and his capacities are assessed to deal with the challenges of the job ahead of him.

For what purpose are the evaluation results used?
• upgrading to a higher position
• transfer an individual within the system to a workplace that suits him more
• development and increase of work efficiency of managers and employees.

Recruitment and selection of staff. Finding new team members.

Our consultants carry out the entire or part of the process of searching for candidates, as well as the recruitment and selection of new employees. On behalf of the Client, our focus is finding the employees who are most suited to your needs and requirements.
The selection process includes:
• An analysis of the job description of a future employee
• publication of advertisements in the media and analysis of received applications from the competition
• Direct search for candidates in our internal databases and through available channels (LinkedIn, recommendations, etc.)
• interviews and psychological assessments of candidates and the creation of expert opinions on them
• selection of the best candidates and their presentation to the client
• help in the final selection of a new employee
This service provides faster and more quality selection, more reliable evaluation results, and the time management of the company that deals with the selection of personnel.

During the selection of staff, our consultants use different psychological assessment methods, which guarantee the maximum objectivity and reliability of assessment: psychometric instruments (personality tests and abilities), structured competence-based interviewing, questionnaires and knowledge tests, group discussions and workshops, specially created exercises and test situations.

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