Hotels & Wellness centers

Trends in the hotel and wellness industry are prone to rapid change, so the classic planning approach in this dynamic industry is fast becoming obsolete. Our experts have international experience in both large hotel chains and smaller design hotels around the world. We will create a concept for you that you will be proud of, both because of its originality and because of the guaranteed business results and development.

Restaurants & Bars

Restorani i barovi, kao stub ugostiteljske delatnosti predstavljaju najveći izazov upravo zbog ogromne konkurencije, dinamičnosti tržišta ponude i tražnje i neprestanih promena aktuelnih trendova. Kreiranje koncepta koji ce pored unikatnog dizajna i funkcionalnosti zablistati i savršeno kreiranim receptima hrane i pića, kao i besprekornom uslugom, pravi su put ka uspešnom poslovanju i ostvarivanju zadatih ciljeva.

Business Development

Improving business processes involves detailed analysis, defining an optimal organizational structure, planning an operational budget, delegating work tasks, maximizing the utilization of existing resources, creating new departments, as well as establishing an absolute implementation of the business control system as needed.

HR Management

Choosing the right workforce has a major impact in achieving positive business results. For many companies that deal with service activities, choosing the right candidates is crucial. We are concerned with the assessment of psychological profiles, training, reorientation and motivation of the existing staff, as well as the recruitment of new workforce.