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Consulting services

Consulting is an interactive, continuous process of helping businessman to improve their performance through analysis of the current situation, making adequate development plans and operationalizing them. Bearing in mind the predominantly expressed, personnel limitation of small and medium-sized enterprises, in terms of more permanent engagement of professional management, assistance to businessmen in this sphere is valuable and often unavoidable.

Grand Marketing Agency provides consulting services in the fields of management, marketing, hospitality, catering, food and beverage, wellness, general and applied medicine. We are focused on cooperation with organizations that set the quality as the highest priority and the goal to which they strive and in the pursuit of achieving a competitive advantage on the market.

Our consultants combine knowledge and experience in the field of management system in order to adequately direct clients’ resources to the realization of activities. For our clients we provide responsible management of business processes. Through the provision of consulting services, we help clients to define and solve key business issues, to assess, plan and implement modern management solutions through a continuous analysis of existing and future needs.

The business of the Grand Marketing Consulting Agency is based on the following principles:



Concept Development

A special type of service for which we specialize is creating concepts for various commercial facilities such as hotels and other accommodation, restaurants, bars, wellness centers, retail and industrial complexes. By managing a team of professional managers, architects and interior and exterior designers, our clients will get an unique product on the market on, from creating a conceptual solution, through all operating procedures to auditing.

Creating Business Plans

A business plan is a planning document specifying the direction of the future business activity of a business entity for a specific period of time. The document explains in detail business, management, product or service, as well as strategies for achieving set goals. Irrespective of the nature of business activities, a document is needed in terms of harmonizing business relationships, both small and large, profitable and unprofitable actors of economic life. The purpose of a business plan can be internal and external. The purpose of the business plan, designed for internal purposes, is to provide the management of the entity with clear goals and directions of action in order to achieve its business goals in the most efficient way. On the other hand, the purpose of an externally oriented business plan is to make potential lenders and other business partners believe in the cost-effectiveness, effectiveness and efficiency of a particular project.

The Grand Marketing Agency deals with the preparation of business plans irrespective of the form of organization of the company: business, entrepreneurial activity … all in accordance with current or planned business activity. Our long-standing business experience has resulted in the development of more successfully implemented business plans. The field of our operations is related to numerous industries: retail (retail, wholesale …), services (tourism, hospitality, hospitality, medicine …). We are able to meet every real-world business idea of ​​our clients.

Creating Marketing Strategies

Within our business offer, we provide services for creating marketing plans irrespective of the size and form of organization of the business entity. By collaborating with our clients, we create an offer of their production and service assortment that is in line with the very picky demands of consumers. Thanks to the analyzes carried out by our numerous clients, they have achieved very successful penetration of existing ones and entry into new markets, and in a very short period of time they successfully positioned themselves at the regional level, not hiding their further market aspirations.
A marketing plan is a document that the business entity refers to the situation in which it is located, analyzing the consumers, the competition and the external environment, and providing instructions for the realization of the set goals, defining the actions of marketing activities as well as allocating resources in a certain period.

The core of the analysis in the marketing plan is the concept of 4P. This concept consists of the product Product, Price, Place, Promotion.