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Grand Marketing Graficki dizajn

Graphic Solutions

Quality graphics solutions enhance the reputation of your company, attract potential customers and represent a mirror of your business. Investments that enhance visual identity are multiplied by increasing sales and accelerating development.

Graphic design is intended for use in a variety of media channels of advertising and distribution, such as billboards, catalogs, brochures, newspapers, magazines, business cards, posters, newsletters, especially for electronic media such as Television and the Internet. Designing visual elements such as illustrations, symbols, typography, your company logo, and multimedia content.

We create graphic solutions for hotels, restaurants, car dealers, sports centers, sellers, public figures, artists, etc. Every business has its own clientele, and we are here to first understand the target group well and then create customized graphic solutions that will transfer the essence and advantages of your business to the competition in the most subtle way to the chosen field of interest of the local or global market.

Forming ideas for establishing one of the most important communications with your customers, customers or users of your services, which is communication based on visual effects.

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Logo design

Logo transfers the value of your business and tells consumers to deal with a serious and respected company.

Flyer design

Design brochures, flyer design, catalog design, business card design, restaurant menu design.

Bilboard design

Each stronger marketing plan contains billboard advertising. This type of advertising is deeply engraved in the observer’s memory.

Book of Graphic Standards

The Book of Graphic Standards is a document that defines and establishes graphic and other standards related to the visual identity of the firm.

Visual Identity

Creating a visual identity!

Visual identity is an important component of corporate branding, which includes design, visual identity, corporate communication and the promotion of vision and mission with the help of selected media channels.

A clearly defined and well-designed visual identity creates an authentic, consistent and recognizable image of your company, strengthening the brand or brand, products or services you provide.

The ultimate goal is that the potential buyer recognizes the real value and quality of a product or service and that it emotionally binds itself, becomes a loyal user, further conveys its positive experiences and becomes a channel of marketing and a promoter of products, services and brands.

The trust that we receive from customers, but also the employees themselves, depends to a large extent on successful branding, and visual representation as part of this process is a cornerstone for the successful construction of a good brand.

Visual identity begins with the logo, but it’s much more than that.

How do we get to a good visual identity?

The first step is to get to know your work and your product or service. We are working on defining primary colors, fonts and styles and images through which we communicate and send a specific message to customers. If your existing logo is already recognizable to your customers, we define the elements that we will retain and the parts where changes are made for improvement.

When a new logo is ready from it, other visual elements such as business cards, brochures, catalogs, websites, posters, social networking …

Let us work on creating your visual presence.

Our experts have more than 15 years of relevant experience!