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Strategic marketing is a modern approach to marketing management, which implies a continuous process of adapting to the market. It is defined as an active process of determining and managing marketing activities according to marketing goals or changes in the environment.

Marketing Strategy implies:

• analysis of environmental factors
• strengths and weaknesses of the company
• planning marketing activities
• defining marketing strategies
• implementation of the strategy
• control and audit of marketing results

strateski marketing

Marketing planning, as a key element of strategic marketing, is the process of setting goals, formulating strategy at the company and business level, selecting marketing strategies for markets that target specific products and the development and application of marketing programs that are aimed at meeting the needs of target markets.

Market research is done in order to collect data and information that are necessary for planning, organizing and controlling the business process. Based on this research, we will be ready to make the key decisions as well as to remove obstacles in time.

Companies that are in the pre-opening phase or companies that need new ones need more information in order to define services and products. Companies that are already somewhat positioned need a narrower but more precise SWOT analysis that defines the strengths and weaknesses of the company as well as opportunities and threats from the environment.

Defining a brand that includes a term, a sign, a symbol, or a combination of them. The brand is much more than a product, because it has dimensions that make it special and differs from others. It is considered an added value for a product or service. The brand name must be different from the competition, easy to remember, easy to say and the first association in the minds of your customers or consumers when they think of the need to satisfy. The brand architecture is not permanent, but it needs to be updated in situations of changing the development strategy. Brand Architecture is the relationship of the main, master brand and all other brands in the portfolio. The slogan in several key words speaks about vision and mission as well as the quality of your services and products in relation to the competition. The slogan is needed for more efficient presentation on the market and easier positioning. This important step in further development of your business is done with the advice of our experts!

Positioning establishes the interest of a potential customer or client in order to meet their needs. Quality and standardization of supply on the market is of great importance, but constant changes in the market and trends from which future demand will depend on the creation of a gap between the unrealized needs of consumers and the current supply of the company.

The goal is to reduce the gap in the planning of clearly defined business steps, and most of the future needs of the market will be met.

Corporate identity includes the visual and material resources that the company presents to the public and enables companies to acquire, improve and maintain a competitive advantage. The concept of corporate image refers to the company’s vision of customers.

Defining marketing communication channels, such as public media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboards or directed such as the Internet and social media, are critical to achieving the best effects through the rational use of all resources. Training of staff skills, branding of retailers and introduction of clearly defined protocols and standards of communication and behavior are also crucial for brand positioning.

Marketing mix is ​​a set of marketing instruments that the company manages to achieve the best possible response in the target market. It consists of products, prices, channels of distribution and promotion, and in recent times it has been expanded with lobbying and public relations (PR).