Personnel Training and Development

Implement training programs. The service implies the definition of training needs at the level of the entire company, certain departments or individual managers / employees, the implementation of specific training programs, and the setting up of the system for monitoring the effects of the conducted training.

The goal of the training program is to enable each individual to fully satisfy the requirements set by the firm, but also to develop in the direction of accepting new responsibilities and authorizations.

For Managers, we recommend training focused on the development of managerial skills, which will make them more efficient in managing people and help them build / strengthen their managerial authority. These include trainings: goal setting, feedbacks, performance monitoring and team motivation, team leadership, self confidence, and so on.

For employees, we recommend trainings focused on the development of certain skills that will help them achieve greater personal business efficiency. These include trainings: stress management, promotion of presentation skills, improvement of communication skills, improvement of sales and negotiation skills, constructive conflict resolution, efficient time management, etc.

The network of trainers who conduct specialized training is very wide. They are all professionals for their field and adapt their basic training programs to your specific needs.

The ultimate goal is the long-term setting of the management system for the development of a professional career of individuals, which can further stimulate the development of the company’s business as a whole.

HR training

A specialized training program designed for HR professionals or managers who deal with HR issues in the business (hiring people, performance appraisal, salary determination …) and who want to improve specific HR knowledge and skills.

The goal of the training is to provide all participants with specific knowledge related to different HR processes in order to perform their work more successfully, but also to better understand the work of other colleagues in the HR sector, and they can take into consideration the complexity of HR issues and the connection between the work of the HR department and the efficiency of the organization in continent.

Training is a modular type, created so that everyone can choose to improve those knowledge that he thinks are most needed.

The modules from which the training consists

  1. organizational and legal framework of HR work
  2. organizational structure and culture
  3. payment system, rewarding, comp & system
  4. performance evaluation system
  5. employment system
  6. strategies of education and development

The training is interactive and contains lectures, combined with presentations, “role play” games, workshops and individual activities. Training abounds with examples from contemporary HR practice, their analysis, discussions.